Pie Eating Contest!

Cherry Pie, Mince Pie, Apple Pie, and Pumpkin Pie…

RRH Students who signed up for the pie eating contest activity were treated to all four types during February the 11th’s eating contest.  Only 10 students were allowed to participate in the activity and they were supported by their friends and staff who rallied around them to watch.  The boy participants were Marty Sloan, Gordon Blackhorse, Channon Yazzie, Ethan Holiday, and Warren Thomas.  The girls were Chelsea Begay, Chelsey Yazzie, Deandra Yazzie, Nizhoni Brown, and Dannielle Sam. Students ate their pies with a side of water and milk and raced against one another for the top three spots.  The fastest boys were Marty Sloan with a time of 0:55 seconds, Gordon Blackhorse 1:11, and Channon Yazzie 1:42.  The fastest girls were Chelsea Yazzie 2:08, Chelsea Begay 2:33, and Dannielle Sam 2:57.  The students had a blast competing and everybody else had a blast watching the fun.

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