Preparing for Our Kids!

Richfield Residential Hall staff returned for duty on Monday, August 11th. They spent the week of August 11th preparing the dorm and themselves for the arrival of our students. All staff were certified in CPR, First – Aid, and a wide range of other important training in addition to making our dormitory worthy to be called home to the best students around.

Georgie scrubs down the girl’s shower room.


Dorie does more dishes than anyone thought was humanly possible! She can’t wait for the KP’s to get here to help her out!


Ho, ho, ho! Randy was counted on for his muscle all week! Thanks, Randy! We are glad you are here!


Staff refresh their First Aid and CPR Skills in a recertification class. Just because they can save your life does not mean you should be doing any intentional trick dismounts….yep, that means you,  X-Man! 😉

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