Presidential Grades

Shortly after the students of Richfield Residential Hall returned from Christmas Vacation in early January, they were given a challenge to keep academics a priority. RRH Academic Director, Sylvia Nielson, challenged the students to raise the overall studentbody grade point average. As an incentive, she told the students that if the cumulative GPA for the student body was a 2.70 or higher on the 4th of February, RRH would pay for buses to take the students back to the Navajo Nation over Presidents Day weekend.

Of course, our students accepted the challenge and each student has been working hard in the classroom and in our study hall to reach this goal.  Many students have seen their best grades yet through this challenge. Mrs. Nielson crunched the numbers on Monday the 4th and the cumulative GPA for RRH was 2.86 !

Congratulations, students! Keep up the great work. Buses have been ordered for your trip home later this week. For more details on the trip home, click here: Presidents Day Vacation (2014)

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