Pumpkin Carving Contest

Richfield Residential Hall students participated in a pumpkin carving contest in our dining room on Sunay, October 24th. Following are the comments from Foodservice Director, and contest sponsor, Rose Janec:

Hello Parents!

We wanted to let you know about our Pumpkin Carving Contest we had on 10 – 24- 2010 in our dining room.  The students who participated did GREAT, with the time allotted to them.  We were unable to take pictures of this event because I forgot to bring my camera, and I forgot to get the Residental Hall camera, but our students didn’t let that stop the knives, scissors, construction paper,  glitter glue, stapler, pipe cleaners, and ideas from creating!

Our winning categories and winners were;

Scariest: Frank Young

Most Unique:  Terrilyn Crank, & Andrea Begaye

Cutest: Ashley Kaye, Serida Slim, and Arianna Mego

Judges Choice: Nakoa Harvey, and Travis Preston

I was sooo happy not to have to judge this contest! I enjoyed watching the students working at their creations.  It was fun, and everyone was a Winner!!  We also have to “Thank” our judges; Ms Herrera, Mrs. R. Miles, and Mr. Puzey. They were GREAT to come to our rescue as judges.

Thanks to the participants who made this activity fun:

Danielle Kaye, Theron Tom, Holly Johnson, Brittney Etsitty, Jordon Nez, Janell Yazzie, Kyralynda Yazzie, Shaylin Poorman, Nerissa Deal, Leander Begaye, Maurenna Billie, Dominique Johnson, Harley Poorman, Taysha Harvey, Raycalcia Yazzie, Ramika Dejolie, Jarvis Dougi, Valentina Begay, Tyler Herder.

Also I would like to “Thank” my partner, Helen Solano, with this activity.

Have a Safe, Happy Halloween, and I hope you each get a lot of candy.

–Very Sincerely, Rose Janec, Food Service Dir.

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