Push Up Competition

During the month of March Richfield Residential Hall’s theme has been improving our Health and

Fitness. In our Student Family Groups we have had lessons, games, and activities on how to improve

our health and fitness. On Monday March 31, 2014 Richfield Residential Hall had a push up contest.

We had sixteen students compete while many others cheered them on. Mr. Workman started off with

a demonstration. He quickly did one-hundred pushups in less than a minute’s time. This gave the

students something to shoot for. Although many tried only one of our students almost matched him.

Ethan Holiday did an impressive one-hundred pushups in less than two minutes. Everyone who tried

had two minutes to do their best. Many of the students including one girl did at least fifty push ups.

Everyone tried hard and we are very proud of them and the progress that they are making. It is a

blessing to work with these youth and we are grateful to their families for trusting them to us.

Home Living Assistant: Jaime Romero


Anakin Parker 46

Jimaul Harvey 58

Ethan Holiday 100

Kyle Skow 48

Tyler Neztsosie 60

Lane John 73

Josh Begay 38

Jaysiah Yazzie 37

Kiyla Butler 27

Chantz Harvey 51

Wyatt Willie 57

Cheyenne Billie 50

Avery Yazzie 50

Deion Avery 62

Zach Welch 58

Marty Sloan 30

Arnoldo Sonnie 58

Danielle Sam 30

total 933

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