Richfield City Youth Court

Wednesday, January 26th, members of the Richfield City Youth Court were sworn in my Judge Nielson. Seven our of Richfield Residential girls volunteered to participate in the program which is run by Richfield City under the supervision of Police Officer James Brown. The youth court volunteers act as clerks, baliffs, and judges. They hear cases involving minor violations, usually first time offenses. The youth judges give consequences they feel will help the youth think about how the violation effects them, their family, and the community and what they can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Our youth workers from the residential hall are: Kiana Woody, Senior; Marita Manygoats, Senior; LaShanda Dutchie, Senior; Lucy Slick, Junior; Charity Begay, Freshmen; Nizhoni Brown, Freshmen; and Raycalcia Yazzie, Freshmen. They had their first cases on Wednesday!

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