RRH Annual Awards Program (2008)

With the school year coming to a close, it is time to look back and reflect on the year. What a great year it has been! It seems like just yesterday that we opened our doors for the beginning of a new school year. This year has been so much fun, and has gone by so fast! On Thursday, May 15th, we gathered for the annual Richfield Residential Hall Awards Program. Every student received an award. Check out the list below to see who received what award.


Merle Watchman

Gabby George

NO INCIDENT REPORT (For the entire year!)*

Shaquira Begay, Valentina Begay, Clarenda Begaye, Tamiya Boone, Dennisha Bradley, Riva Chief, Vanessa Clark, Staci DeMarrias, Deidra Greymountain, Brittney Jim, Holly Johnson, Serena Lane, Weston Benally, Kerwin Chee, LeCallin Cly, Gregory Clyde, Evander Dutchie, Tylor Ketchum, View Russell.


September: Vanessa Clark /Jathiel George

October: Valentina Begay / LeCallin Cly

November: Tanielle Yazzie / Pierre Greymountain

December: Saquira Begay / Xavier Kaibetoney

January: Riva Chief / Johnny Aguilar

February: Dawn Bigman / Jarvis Boone

March: Holly Johnson / View Russell

April: Staci DeMarrias / Abraham Isaac

May: Clarenda Begay / Candice Bekay / Gregory Clyde

* Students of the Month, No Incident Report Students, and High Honor Roll Students all received free admission to Lagoon last weekend.


High Honor Roll 1st, 2nd, 3rd Quarter (Already Posted). Received Gold Medal, certificate, Honor Roll Activity each quarter, and free admission to Lagoon.

Honor Roll: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Quarter (Already Posted) . Received Silver Medal, certificate, and Honor Roll Activity each quarter.

HIGEST OVERALL GPA: Serena Lane (won an ipod)

MOST IMPROVED GPA: Alton Chee (won an ipod)


Candice Bekay (Student Body President)

Kimora Bizahaloni (Vice President)

Deidra Greymountain (Senior Representative)

Riva Chief (Sophomore Representative)

Shadow Mann (Freshman Representative)

Vanessa Clark (Secretary, Treasurer, Junior Representative)

* Student Council was rewarded with dinner and a trip to a James and Ernie show


View Russell, Ryan Etsitty, Gregory Clyde, Dawn Bigman


LeCallin Cly

Riva Chief


Kathleen Ahasteen “Mahalo!”

Cherish Begay “Biggest Tease”

Shaquira BegayMost Athletic”

Valentina BegayBiggest Smile”

Clarenda BegayeNicest Girl”

Ferallynn BegayeI’ll do anything to earn a soda!”

Candice Bekay “Most Likeable Student”

Keidra BenallyI hate my detail!”

Dawn BigmanMost Energetic Girl”

Natasha Bitsinnie “Cheesiest Smile”

Kimora BizahaloniI love pizza!”

Tamiya Boone “If I give you that smile, watch out!”

Dennisha BradleyBest Detail Worker”

Riva Chief “I can I help you!” Most Helpful

Vanessa ClarkBiggest Tease”

Ashley ClydeShyest Girl”

Terrilyn Crank “It’s my down day, don’t bug me.”

Staci DeMarrias “The girl with the most Questions!”

Leandra DescheenieQuiet Girl”

Rachel Ellis “I need my laptop!”

Gabby George “Most Hyper”

Deidra Greymountain “Most Studious”

Trevina Greymountain “Most Gracious”

Brittney JimI’ll do the doorstops for a soda!”

Althea John “Best General Cleaner”

Doreen Johnson “Biggest Earrings”

Holly Johnson “Cutest Smile”

Shikera Jones “I like you the best”est”!”

Nikki King “Best Dressed”

Serena LaneYeah, it’s somewhat like that.”

Shadow Mann “I want to go home!”

Markita ManygoatsLeave the door open, I’m scared”

Jeraline RussellDon’t wake me up yet!”

Kiana Woody “Gimmie a High Five ticket!”

Marlaina YazzieKind Person”



Johnny Aguilar     “Johnny Looks Twice”

TJ Begay     “Navajo Life Saver”

Trevor Benally      “Navajo Rambo”

Weston Benally     “Future Native American Male Hair Model”

Aazz Bitter      “Don’t worry about it”

Chazz Blackwater     “ I don’t have homework…….I like being on Academic R”

Jarvis Boone      “Free Gun Show for the Ladies”

Alton Chee     “Runs with Da Wind”

Kerwin Chee      “No Child Left Behind”

LeCallin Cly     “Mr. Clean”

Gregory Clyde     “Mr. Artistic”

Evander Dutchie      “I know what I got do, but I look for an excuse not to

do it.”

Ryan Etsitty      “Dorm Music Man”

Waylon Goldtooth      “Missing at bed check!”

Pierre Greymountain     “Most sleepy!………Hey, wake up!”

Joshua Harvey     “Gall! What did I do?”

Karlyle Harvey Mini     “Chai”……“you boys go to sleep”

Dedrick Hoschain     “Mr. Built Guy….Aaayyyyeee!”

Abraham Isaac     “Dorm Dance Instructor”

Rope James      “Silent but Deadly”

Sean Jim      “Skater Baby-boy”

Alzado Jones     “Dorm Butterfly”

Xavier Kaibetoney     “What’s up!”

Tylor Ketchum     “Boy of Many Hair Colors”

Bee Jay Lee     “Dorm Guitar Hero”

Chenaskee Peaches     “Our Arizona Peach”

View Russell Dorm     “Female Staff Heart Breaker”

Michael Saganitso      “Don’t let my tough exterior fool you!”

Branden Sanderson     “I see white people…….they scare me”

Robert Thinn     “Dorm Movie Maker”

Derrick Tohannie Mr.     “Looking for Love in all the wrong places…….and then I found the cute tutors.”

Fabeian Toledo      “I’m not that innocent.”

Merle Watchman     “South Sevier Fighting Ram”

Dillon Yazzie     “I need to get something from Clare!”

Jordan Yazzie     “Hey!……Mr. Junk in da trunk………WHATEVER”

Malcolm Yazzie     “I want a High Five Ticket”


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