The following are the receipents of our residential hall awards:
Students of the Month Awards
September: Nizhoni Brown & Alex George
October: Tianna Begay & Garrick George
November: Tamara Redhouse & Zach Welch
December: Dominique Johnson & Shawn Begay
January: Maureena Billie & Dominique Cly
February: Jeff Crank & Lyla Hatathlie
March: Andrea Begay & Travis Preston
April: Deandra Yazzie & Marwood Sloan
May: Brittney Harvey & Hongva Lucero

No Incident Report Awards
Boys: Shawn Begay, Shelton Benally, Alex George, Jerethan Tsinnijinnie; Girls: Maurenna Billie, Nanabah Bizahaloni, Nizhoni Brown, Clarissa Deal, Brittney Etsitty, Brittney Harvey, Nakoa Harvey, Lyla Hatathlie, Holly Johnson, Ariana Mego, Khadeeja Navajo, Lucy Slick, Serida Slim, Shantel Smith, Gwen Tsosie, Deandra Yazzie, Kyralynda Yazzie

Academic Honors
2010 4th QuarterHonor Roll 3.0 to 3.49

Left to Right: Rochelle Curtis, LaShanda Dutchie, Tyler Herder, Valentina Begay, Danielle Kaye, Theron Tom, Travis Preston, Andrea Begaye, Deanna Yazzie, & Terrilyn Crank
4th Qtr High Honor Roll (3.5 to 4.0)

Holly Johnson, Brittney Etsitty, Nanabah Bizahaloni, Nakoa Harvey, & Serida Slim
1st Qtr 2010/11 Honor Roll

Left to Right: Terrilyn Crank, Kiana Woody, Ariana Mego, LaShanda Dutchie, Zach Welch, Kyra Yazzie, Ramika Dejolie, Serida Slim, Ashley Kaye, & Mele Etsitty
1st Qtr High Honor Roll (3.5 to 4.0)

Nanabah Bizahaloni, Shantel Smith, Lucy Slick, Holly Johnson, & Nakoa Harvey
2nd Qtr Honor Roll (3.0 to 3.49)

Back Row: Pierre Greymountain, Alex Ketchum, Tyrone Nez, Malcolm Yazzie, Zach Welch, Andrea Begaye, Mele Etsitty; Front Row: Terrilyn Crank, Valentina Begaye, Kyra Yazzie, Ashley Kaye, Tamara Redhouse
2nd Qtr High Honor Roll (3.5 to 4.0)

Back Row: Ariana Mego, Lucy Slick, Shantel Smith, Nanabah Bizahaloni, Nakoa Harvey; Front Row: Holly Johnson, Charity Begay, LaShanda Dutchie, Serida Slim, Ramika Dejolie, Shane Sanderson
3rd Quarter Honor Roll (3.0 to 3.49)

Back Row: Jeffery Crank, Hongva Lucero, Victor Scott, Jordan Nez, Fabeian Toledo, Alex Ketchum, Holly Johnson, Mele Etsitty; Middle Row: Danielle Kaye, Andrea Begaye, LaShanda Dutchie, Ramika Dejolie, Markita Manygoats, Matt Thompson, Gwen Tsosie; Front Row: Dominique Johnson, Shantel Smith, Charity Begay, Tamara Redhouse
3rd Qtr High Honor Roll (3.5 tyo 4.0)

Back Row: Lucy Slick, Zach Welch, Tyler Herder, Malcolm Yazie, Deanna Yazzie; Front Row: Terrilyn Crank, Rochelle Curtis, Nanabah Bizahaloni, Nakoa Harvey, Serida Slim, & Ariana Mego

2010/2011 Highest GPA Overall (3.98 GPA)

Lucy Slick, RHS junior, daughter of George & Lucinda Slick, Shonto

2010/2011 Most Improved Students

Andrea Begaye, SSHS Junior, granddaugther of Peter & Alberta Wilson, Round Rock; Elijah Stanley, RHS Freshmen, son of Tara Greyeyes, Kayenta

2010/2011 Most Outstanding Students

Shawn Begay, RHS Junior, son of Dorothy Clark, Tonalea; Nanabah Bizahaloni, SSHS Junior, daughter of Betty Bizahaloni, Pinon

2010/2011 “Respectful, Responsible, Honorable”
Recepients of this award demonstrated dedication & devotion to the principles & ideals of RRH (senior award)

Holly Johnson, SSHS Senior, daugther of Frank & Margaret Johnson, Shonto; Alex George, RHS Senior, son of Allen & Grace George, Page

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