RRH Cafe Clubhouse: Fine Dining Etiquette


Five star dining at Richfield Residential Hall?  It happened on Sunday, October 6th when the RRH clubhouse was turned into the Café’ Clubhouse.  Students were able to participate in a fun dining experience that tried to recreate the atmosphere found at five star dining restaurants.  In addition students experienced a crash course in Dining Etiquette 101 learning hands on how to handle themselves during a formal dinner occasion.

A group of student volunteers including several from the Action Team made the noon event possible.  Students carefully decorated and prepared the dining room place settings, turned on classical music for some formal ambience, and ushered students in by party to their seating areas mimicking just what would happen at a restaurant.  Students practiced their etiquette and learned how to master the table setting, proper eating manners, and overall learned how to display themselves as proper ladies and gentleman.

The students had so much fun pretending to be fancy.  Many of the students stuck religiously to the etiquette rules of dining and were very conscious on how they ate their lunch.   Other students went all out with the activity and tried on different mannerisms and accents to make the pretending experience even more fun!  “This was really and fun and cool,” commented Kyler Cozad.  “We should do this again,” hailed the majority of students who attended the event.

A special thanks to the student volunteers as well as the kitchen staff that went the extra mile in cooking us a separate lunch that day to go along with our five star activity!

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