RRH Girls perform at the SVC

On Friday, April 26th, a few RRH girls volunteered their time to perform at the Sevier Valley Center for the Environment and Resource Conference.  The students who attended were: Maurenna Billie, Cheyenne Billie, Danielle Sam, Shalice Begaye, Lynelle Maloney, and Molly Byjoe.  Danielle Sam created a large Power Point presentation that introduced each performance.  Danielle also took the time give an educational overview and talk about Navajo culture.  Maurenna Billie performed two dances: “The Fancy Shawl” dance, and the “Jingle Dress” Dance.  She also sang the song “When I See You Again.”  Cheyenne Billie sang “The Grandpa Song,” Lynelle Maloney and Shalice Begaye danced the “Basket Dance.”  Molly Bjoye  helped out behind stage to cue the girls.  Staff member Rachael Miles also sang “Remembering the Elders.”  The students did a great job and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the sharing of culture.


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