Save the Egg!

Ruby and Marlene had students out on the front lawn @ RRH to help try to save the eggs! There were various games played with a raw egg. In the first game, students carried raw eggs on a spoon in and out of an obstacle course that was set up.  1st & 2nd Places for the Obstacle Race went to Nazhoni & Maria. For the second game, students tossed raw eggs to their partners and whomever stayed in the game the longest without breaking the egg was the winner!1st & 2nd Places for the egg toss went to Telphine & Maria, Martin & Shondiin. First & Second Place for the Towel Toss went to Martin & Shondiin, Summer & Arnisha. . Thanks to Joanna for helping clean up, and to those who participated. Good Times!!

IMG_6635 IMG_6640 IMG_6642 IMG_6653 IMG_6656 IMG_6674 IMG_6676

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