Scavenger Hunt 2012

Our Scavenger Hunt this year took place on September 29th. We had 9 teams of 5, totaling 45 students
who went out into the neighborhood in search of 28 various items on our list. Some items included a
picture of a president, a rusty can, a spider, a picture of a monkey, a tumbleweed, a clear colored rock,
and a few others. Students went from house to house in search of those items within a 2 block radius.
They had 30 minutes to collect their findings and return to our starting point. We had two teams who
tied for first who found 26 items of the 28. Some of the highlights of this activity were the team in
search for their spider, all the running and laughing, and last, the one team who stepped all over their
own tumbleweed that no longer looked like one. Our neighborhood families are well aware of this
activity held once a year and welcome our students and like to share this excitement with them. Thanks
to all students and families to made this a fun adventure.


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