September 28th Fishing

Fourteen RRH students woke up early in the morning to participate in another fishing trip.  We left the dorm at 7 AM to Otter Creek.  Staff Nolan Kjar and Grandma loaded up 14 students into the vehicles.  When we arrived at the reservoir, the steam was coming off the water that cold fall morning.  We unloaded and the students immediately started fishing. It was a slow morning.  In 3 hours we only caught one fish.  While the students were fishing, grandma cooked up some coffee with tortillas and potatoes.  Since the reservoir was poor fishing, we loaded up the students and went up Manti Canyon to Yearns reservoir.  This is where the kids had fished a week ago.  Within 5 minutes of fishing at yearns, we had caught  3 fish.  We stayed there the remainder to the afternoon and nearly every student caught at least one fish.  Within 3 hours of fishing at Yearns, we caught over 30 fish.  At the tail end of the activity, staff Nolan Kjar took a car full of students to waterfall.  The waterfall is called Milky Falls.  Because of the weather the night before, the canyon road was a slippery mess.  We had to kick it into 4 wheel drive to make it up to the falls.  Snow was up everywhere so we had a muddy, slippery snow ball fight at the base of the waterfall.  We left the mountain at 5 PM and arrived in Richfield at 6:30.  Students and staff had a great time enjoying mother earth.
Students: Andreasen Crank, Daylin Blackhorse, Jenaye Harvey, Schaielyn Descheny, Chantz Harvey, Kris Ketchum, Lance James, Elijah Stanley, Andre Denny, Cody Russell, Josh Begay, Jason Luna, Jimaul Harvey and Terrell Fox
The fishing trip was sponsored by Staff Angie Herrera, Ryne Richards, and

Nolan Kjar .

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