Service Project

On Friday, September 26th, Richfield Residential Hall students were invited to Stone Henge Care and Rehabilitation Facility to perform and present to the residents. The residents there celebrate Native American Day which is considered an official holiday in a few states including California and Oregon. The Action Team members: Dharshina Arizona, Shalice Begaye, Aubrey Manson, Tristenn Neztosie, Jonathan Redshirt, Schaielyn Descheny, Loren Richards, and Rhyleigh Descheny all presented aspects of Navajo culture to
the group. The presentations included cultural aspects such as the cradleboard, Navajo Basket, and fry bread. Members of the Native American Club were also invited to perform their cultural talents. Summer Sonnie sang a traditional song and danced with Cheyenne Billie, and Shondiine Issac. Sophomore A-Team member Jonathan Redshirt said, “This was really fun. No matter how old or young you are it’s always fun to share and learn something new.”
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