Skilled Thank You

Graduation PresentationRichfield High School Senior, Mario Herrera presents Mr. Keisel with a ram and a wildcat that he made in his Advanced Arc Welding class at Snow College. Mario, who has been a student in the welding department at Snow College for the past two years, approached his instructors earlier this year and indicated that he would like to do something that he could leave with Richfield Residential Hall to express his appreciation for the continuous support he has received throughout his high school experience. After completing his required coursework early, Mario decided to learn how to use the new plasma cutter to create this project. Snow College Welding Department Chair, Alan Palmer, said, “He learned the machine very quickly, and has done a great job with it. After completing these pieces, he did a few projects for us.” Amazingly, all of the time and effort that went into this project was after his regular curriculum was completed. Rather than relax and ride out the remainder of his senior year, Mario took the time to learn a new machine, become proficient in it, and make something with it to express his appreciation to the program that has provided him so many opportunities. This attitude and passion for learning and service to others exemplifies the best of Richfield Residential Hall. Given that fact, it is not surprising that Mario was selected as Student of the Month for April!


These beautifully framed pieces of metal will be displayed with pride in the common areas of Richfield Residential Hall to illustrate to generations of students what is available to them here in Richfield. Special thanks to Snow Colleges Welding Department, Commercial Art Department (for airbrushing the pieces), and Collision Repair Department (for clear coating the pieces). Thanks Mario, and good luck!

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