South Sevier Cross Country Meeting

On September 19th South Sevier High School hosted an invitational cross country meet. Six high schools and a couple of middle schools from the region participated. Richfield Residential Hall was well represented by students from both South Sevier High School and Richfield High School. Serida Slim, South Sevier High School, just missed being awarded a medal; she came in 11th place with a time of 23:48.  Darshina Arizona also improved her time to 30 minutes and 56 seconds and was our only student to represent Richfield High.  Two boys represented South Sevier High School, Malique Brown had an impressive time of 20:15 and Henry Mann also improved his time to 24:14.  Staff members Jaime Romero represented the dorm took pictures. Former student, cross country and current staff member Tina Bigman used her own time to support the runners and even waited at the finish line with cheers and refreshing drinks.  Her daughter was also cheering on all of the runners, but especially those from Richfield Residential Hall.  Congratulations to all we appreciate your hard work and willingness to go the extra mile, so to speak.




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