South Sevier Writing Contest Winner

Terrilyn Crank, a junior at South Sevier High School, placed 2nd in a writing contest at her school. The theme was: “My greatest love is……”.

My Greatest Love is…..Beloved God: Because you can pray to him and, in a way, he will try to help you and teach you the right path. This poem I called:
My Prayer
Dear God, as I began this day,
Let me thank you, in my own special way,
You have blessed me
From the start and started working your way
Through all my life
God, where would I ever be?
Without you?
I took the good and the bad
You have sent my way,
All the good and the bad times
Made me what I am today
I am trying to do my best
With all you have sent my way,
And I hope dear God, that you are pleased
With me today.
I am actually learning from my mistakes and retracing
Them with new ones and following my dreams.

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