Spooky Business: Haunted Dorm 2013 + Senior Bake Sale

groupOn Friday, October 25th and Saturday, October 26th Richfield Residential Hall students took part in the 3rd Annual Haunted Dorm.  The students planned this event starting the end of September running through October and the end result was truly an awesome, frightening experience!  The walkthrough featured the entire RRH clubhouse transformed in an array  of Halloween themed rooms, dark hallways, and winding mazes.  This year the Action Team student council incorporated ideas that they picked up during a field trip up North to a famous Utah haunted house attraction: Castle of Chaos.  The clubhouse spook alley was constructed in a way that there were two separate haunts accessible only through the the exterior doors.  The first haunt featured a neon black lit clown room, bloody bathroom scene, dark maze, static television room area, and zombie zone.  Guests exited out to the exterior grave yard and walked down the path to the second door where they were instructed to knock on the second haunt’s door.  Guests then entered into the next haunt and were greeted by malignant vampires in the waiting room.  Other rooms included the dead child’s bedroom, closet of screams, murder scene bathroom, skeleton corner, butcher shop slaughter, and the torture tent.  A chainsaw man chased the guests to the parking lot at the end of the haunt!  The community was highly supportive and reception was great!  The cars kept piling up in the parking lot on the minute until students ended the haunt at 10:30pm.  A great thank you to the supportive  RRH administration and staff,  the event advisors and their families: Marlene Stewart, Nolan Kjar, and Beatriz Quitco, Action team members and student body cast and crew who worked especially  hard from planning to clean-up, our school faculty makeup artist volunteer Ms. Siebach, and community members for showing up and supporting our kids!

–Beatriz Quitco


Senior Bake Sale

The Seniors first bake sale of the year took place outside the doors of
our awesome haunted dorm spook alley, on Oct. 25th & 26th from 7:00pm to
10:30pm.  We had alot of our hungry actors & actresses devouring the
choice pastries that our staff so generously donated to kick off
our first fund raiser of the year. The general public also supported our
fund raiser. Avery Yazzie is somewhat responsible for our guests
having the need to be rejuvenated .  They needed a tasty treat for renewed
energy! After all, it isn’t every day our guests have the opportunity to
be chased out of the Haunted Dorm and across the lawn with Avery holding
a chain saw!
Seniors @ RRH are looking forward to more of these fund raisers
throughout the year! So be aware and watch for the next fund raiser & the
Seniors upcoming events through out the school year! A special thanks
for everyone’s support!

Sincerely Senior Reps!

Marlene Stewart, Rose Janec, Nolan Kjar
& Rachel Miles


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