Sunday Night Cards and Crafts

Message from Ms. Herrera (Grandma):

“With the cold weather upon us here at Richfield Residential Hall, students got involved with craft projects such as beading, crocheting, and plastic canvas on Sunday, January 13th.  A few are here to learn something that they’ve seen their own grandma, mom, and auntie doing for extra income!   Students also got busy playing games of cards at at several tables.  Those that were involved had a great time and we ended the evening with ordering pizza’s from Pizza Hut.

This coming Saturday, Jan. 20th we will be able to put a weaving loom together.  Some of the students want to learn how to weave.  Whey they go into the trading post, the price surprises them and so they are willing to start.  Hopefully, we will get it completed in a couple of months.  We are now starting our arts/crafts day on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.


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