The A-Team Fry Bread Social and Games

What’s better than homemade frybread?  Well, of course it’s eating it!  RRH students gathered around the back Barbeque patio on Friday the 6th and made their own fry bread.  Not only did the girls come outside to help make the bread, but the boys had fun making their own as well.  The students could eat as many fry bread as they wanted—with one catch–they had to make the bread to eat the bread!  It was fun to see all the techniques that students  had gained from their parents and grandparents back home.  Students also held mini competition and challenges for themselves to see if they could make the biggest frybread.  To accompany the Fry Bread making, A-Team members held a dodge ball tournament to go along with the social out in the field.  Students and staff a like had fun eating their bread.  Students showed their Respectable, Responsible, and Honorable selves during the activity.  Students respected the rules and new they had to make their own bread, they were responsible and safe around the fryer and A-Team members showed the leaders they are by cleaning up the day and making sure everything was put away in their proper places!

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