Third Quarter Honor Roll

Final grades have been submitted for Third Quarter of the 2006-2007 school year. Our students did an exceptional job! We would like to congratulate the following students for their hard work and dedication. They exemplify the RRH motto: “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow,” and we are excited to see them taking advantage of the many opportunities that abound at Richfield Residential Hall. Congratulations, students! You are well on your way to a future of your choosing! We are all proud of you!

High Honor Roll

(3.50 & Above)

Cobi Brady (3.95)

Jeorcinda Slick (3.95)

Trevina Greymountain (3.86)

Serena Lane (3.81)

Jennifer Boone (3.76)

Rolisha Watson (3.76)

Althea John (3.72)

Ariana Allison (3.71)

Dawn Bigman (3.71)

Trevor Benally (3.62)

Vanessa Clark (3.62)

Jerilyn Willie (3.56)

Shanna Begay (3.53)

Honor Roll (3.49 to 3.0)

Dennisha Bradley (3.43)

Deidra Greymountain (3.43)

Kimora Bizahaloni (3.39)

Keshia Jim (3.39)

Chantel Begay (3.33)

LeCallin Cly (3.33)

Geordena Isaac (3.33)

Natasha Sloan (3.33)

Kristie Yazzie (3.33)

Riva Chief (3.29)

Kendra Benally (3.28)

Brittney Bekay (3.24)

Davin Clark (3.24)

Leon Jackson (3.24)

Kelly Keryte (3.24)

Elijah Isaac (3.19)

Jordan Yazzie (3.14)

Tanielle Yazzie (3.14)

Marlaina Yazzie (3.10)

Candice Bekay (3.05)

Mario Herrera (3.05)

Merle Watchman (3.05)

Kathleen Ahasteen (3.00)

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