Utah State Fair 2012 in Salt Lake City

“Take me to the fair

 Take me to the fair, don’t know anywhere

 I would rather be

Let’s, go to the fair

 We’ll walk hand in hand, through tomorrow land

 Only you and me

I wanna see everything, do everything

 While we’re doin’ it all

 I’ll buy the peanuts and popcorn

 We’ll have us a ball”

~~~ From Elvis Presley’s song “Take Me To The Fair”~~~

On September 8, 2012, after a hearty breakfast, we left for the Utah State Fair at 8:00 am riding in two chartered yellow school buses.  Many students slept in the bus as they had to get up quite early that morning and perhaps were tired from attending the football game the night before.  We had a rest stop at a convenience store in Nephi and arrived at the Fair around 11:30.  After passing through the entrance gate, the students scattered throughout the fair grounds.  Many went on the same rides repeatedly.  Most likely, Ritchie Kaibetoney and Cheyenne Billie has the record for going on the same ride more than eleven times.  Between 2 and 3 pm, the staff served lunch to the students at a grassy area under the shade of the trees.

The scrumptious lunch consisted of turkey and ham hoagie sandwiches, pickles, variety of chips, fruits, cookies and drinks.  From 3 to 7:30 pm, the students returned to the fair to enjoy more rides and attractions.  Kyle Cozad waited in line for about 40 minutes to enjoy a $10.00 turkey leg which he shared with other students.  Some of us enjoyed the cattle show because we were able to meet Sage’s friends.  We left the fair at 8:00 pm and again stopped at the same convenience store in Nephi and the staff served the students a light supper.  The return ride was very quiet as the students were sleeping; perhaps dreaming about the great time they had at the state fair.  We returned to the dorms about 11:30 pm.