Utah State Fair 2013

Richfield Residential Hall students got a chance to go to Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City on Saturday, September 7th. We  started preparing for it since last week, made food requests, and got it approved by the kitchen supervisor Rose Janec.  The kitchen staff packed everything needed for our  trip. Students were taken to get their money grams, Western Union and banks.  Places were visited where parents were involved in sending money to their babies so  they could have a good time. A student body meeting was held before retiring for a good night sleep.  Behavior conducts were also reviewed. The buses arrived as scheduled at 8 am with  Diane Pierce making thearrangements for us. We made a munchie stop in Nephi and students  were well behaved.  The attendant there said we had the best group of students  going through the stop. When we got to the fair after paying  our entrance fee, the students  all went their way until 1:15 pm when they returned to eat their lunch.  Once that  was done, all the students disappeared again!  Supervising these students were Dorm Manager: Angie Herrera and homeliving assistant: Georgianna Craig. We wanted to stay for the rodeo, but we got rained on hard.  Althouth there was rain, it didn’t stop us from  having fun. We stayed until 8 pm and then home it was back to Richfield! We received a lot of help  from students who loaded, served food, repacked, cleaned the buses, and  cleaned in kitchen.  I had an awesome time and was very proud of our kids!  We received  outstanding compliments. Thanks to all that were involved to make this trip a  successful one!

–Angie Herrera, Dormitory Manager

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