Valencia “Nessa” Sherman

Wow. I am ever so grateful for RRH. I was a student for 3 years and graduated class of 2001 as a Wildcat. While I was a student, I had my first seizure and was diagnosed with Epilepsy my senior year.

Since then I’ve been seeking higher education. I attended Dine’ College to learn more about the Dine’ language and history. I also played on their volleyball team for a season. I then moved to Flagstaff to attend NAU majoring in Elementary Education.

After completing a year I decided to take time to make sure education was the right path for me. And to seek further medical care for my epilepsy and find the cause of my illness.

But I didn’t let that hold me back. I am proud to announce that I received my B.S. in Psychology and was accepted into a graduate program at Argosy University for clinical psychology. I currently reside in Portland, OR working full time as a nanny and holding a full-time student status as well.

I’m not married nor do I have any kids but I’m working on it… just kidding.

I can never express my gratitude for the life long lessons I received at RRH. I made life long friends that I still remain close with today. We all live very different lives but find time to hang out and catch up whenever we can and are in the same state!

I also learned that I am able to sacrifice being in the comfort of my home with my family to receive a good education.

I will never forget the never ending care I received from my “dorm mommies”, or Herrera saying, “You lil muggy muggy!!!” whenever I was suck between a rock and a hard place, the always optimistic advise from Julander, or the always full candy dish on Diane’s desk.

Everyone there made such a tremendous impact on how I live my life today.I truly intend on coming for a visit during my next trip to AZ. I have attached a few photos of myself and other RRH alumni.

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