Variety Games

On Nov. 8, 2014 Marlene Stewart played a variety of games such as; One by Land, Two by Sea. The students had alot of fun as Jared called out the commands each students was to follow until only one student was left & Martin C. won that event. The second game was called the “Flour Game” where each student cut a slice off of the mound of flour of which a quarter was placed. Whomever made the quarter fall had to pick up the quarter with his or her teeth. The winners were Julianna Bia & Loren Richards. The third game the students played was UNO. The students had so much fun playing this card game that they requested that the dorm have an UNO CLUB once a month. The winners were Julianna Bia, Loren Richards & Taylor Hosteen! Thanks to the many, many dorm students that participated, they had alot of fun!!
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