Weekend Blast: Water Mania

August 24th was a “blast” for both staff and students.  RRH set up a fun filled morning complete with a 30 foot water slide as well as water games to beat the summer heat!  Station 1 was the main attraction, a 30 foot slide, drew crowds of students who ultimately ended up soaked with water adding to the fun!  Luckily, to assure students were not waiting in line, A-Team members planned additional fun games to beat the wait.  Station 2: included a musical chair like game with a hot potato twist where the people caught with the water balloons at the pause of music had to break the water balloons on themselves!  Students had a great laugh with this one and it was fun to see students go for it and break their water balloons !  Station 3: used hundreds of balloons in a team competition of water volleyball.  Students launched balloons into the air in pairs of two with towels and tried not to get splashed with receiving balloons from the opposing team!  Water balloons were flying in the air and splashing everyone in their wake!  Lastly, students participated in a large two team Hunger Game like water fight.  Water guns and water balloon grenades were placed in the center of the arena and at “Go” students raced toward the center to gather their supplies and eliminate their opponents!

Water Mania was a success and many students especially returnees of the program commented that it was the best one yet!   The A-Team and so many students participated and volunteered to help clean out that within minutes everything was put away and not a water balloon was left on the grass and surrounding area.  Richfield Residential Hall students truly shine with their respectful, responsible, and honorable attitudes.

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