Weekend Fishing

On Saturday September 21st, we had 16 students sign up for fishing.  Staff came in at 7 am and loaded all items needed including sack  lunches with water bottles as well as fishing tackle boxes.  We headed for Manti—our fishing  spot. It was a beautiful day. We cooked fresh fish out by the  lake and students really enjoy being there. We had 25 trout and ate  all of them up!  We then  caught more fish due to some  students wanting more to eat! Grandma did some  cooking. At 3:30pm we headed back to dorm with 30 plus fish that students caught. On Sunday, Chantz and Jaime cooked the rest of the fish on the grill and shared the meal with others.  This year we have more students who like fishing!  This  means we have a lot of  fishing trips going on this year. We have another scheduled for September 28th and October 13th.   Staff who participated  include Nolan Kjar, Ryne Richards, and  Angie Herrera.

–Grandma Herrera

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