Winter BINGO!

On February 2, 2013 Marlene Stewart and Georgiana Craig decided to bring winter games into the dorm.  They combined their activities into a big BINGO bash!  The evening started by having the students make the letter X on their bingo card.  As they continued on they went to make various designs.  The students who won received a bag of candy and a punch bag.  The following students that won were as follows:  Maureena Billie, Kyralynda Yazzie, Kiyla Butler, Jarel Crank, and Deandra Yazzie.  We would like to recognize those that participated as follows: Shantel Smith, Cheyenne Billie, Tyler Neztsosie, Avery Yazzie, Kylen Cozad, Harley Poorman, Ariana Mego, Serida Slim, Dharshina Arizona, Kiyla Butler, Valerina Chee, Thompson Yazzie, Keneah Torralba, Ehtan Holiday, Marty Sloan, Joanna Yazzie, Deandra Yazzie, Kyralynda Yazzie, Ryan Fisher, AShley Kaye, Maneulita Mann, and Lane John.


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