Winter Book Club: “Divergent”

Book Club is at it again for a Round 2!  This recent fall, students tackled  both the “Hunger Games” #1 and #2 in the series and now members are back and excited for this round’s choice: Veronica Roth’s “Divergent.”  If you haven’t heard of this title, you are completely just check the New York Time’s Young Adult and Regular best-selling list.  The “Divergent” trilogy  books are among the top on the list!  The story follows suite offering another young-adult dystopian trend.

This second time around there are a total of 28 students in the book club!  Members met yesterday, January 12th, with their advisors  Nolan Kjar and Beatriz Quitco who introduced the book, did a 2 chapter group reading, and showed the kids the upcoming trailer to the movie adaption which will hit theaters on March 21st!  Students will have approximately 10 weeks to complete the book and meet up to once a week to do group readings and discuss the book.  In order to be eligible to see the movie, students must exemplify that they have read the book through quizzes as well as participation within the meetings.  In addition, students must signify that they have comprehension of the themes that are presented in the book.

Advisor Beatriz Quitco states that Book Club is an awesome way to explore books and students look at reading in a different way; they see reading as fun and exciting.  Reading books is also a great way to increase brain power and comprehension in school as well as standardized tests.  After the first group reading of the 2 chapters, students started raving at how excited they are to follow the story!

Students who attend all meetings and meet the criteria set forth by the club will be eligible to see the movie adaption on March 21st!

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