Zumba + Kickboxing

On Friday, December 13th students received their dose of exercise at Lifetime Fitness! Zumba this month was high energy and action-packed.  This session definitely gave students a work-out with the amazing Zumba instructor mixing things up for the students.  This made the session extra fun!  Students participated in a rigor of exercises combined with Zumba.  These included boxing, kickboxing, jump roping, and aerobics.  The afternoon started out with each student, a pair of boxing gloves, and a kicking/punching bag.  Students coordinated their movements with the music to practice striking and kicking their barriers.  In addition, students were able to practice rhythmically punching and blocking in pairs.  Students also burned off calories with high intensity jump roping!  The students who participated really enjoyed the work-out and were able to kick off the winter low by getting up and exercising!


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