Richfield Residential Hall has partnered up with Lifetime Fitness to provide monthly Zumba classes for students which will take place once a month on Fridays.  Students of a group of up to 40 kids are able to sign up at a time to get transported to the gym which is located by Sevier Valley Hospital.  On August, 30th the first group of students went to the gym for the first time and met their Zumba instructor.  At first, students did not know what to expect!  Within five minutes of upbeat music and fun moves, students were in all out workout mode.  Students enthusiastically worked out to the music!  Richfield Residential Hall students were extremely respectful to the instructor following her moves and listening to her prompts. Students showed responsibility by being careful with workout equipment and stayed within the allowed areas.  Students were honorable by showing they could have fun by creating a conducive, fun, and interactive environment for all of their fellow peers to just be themselves!

Students who participated today: Maurenna Billie, Julyla Benally, Taylor Hosteen, Lee Interpreter, Garett Begay, Cheyenne Billie, Kurif Yazzie, Ashley Kaye, Dharshina Arizona, Letisha Benally, Andre Denny, Cody Russell, Zachary Welch, Marty Sloan, Valerina Chee, and Lessha King.

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