RRH ReUnIoN 2012 Tuba City!

RRH Alumni Darlene Yellowhair spearheaded a very successful Tuba City based reunion for Richfield Residential Hall. She graciously shared the following write-up and pictures.

“April 14, 2012 was a very special day for some Richfield (Dorm) Residential Hall alumni, who attended the 2012 Reunion. After many years, we were excited to see one another for the first time since we parted ways after graduation. In attendance, we had individuals who lived at the Dorm in 1954 when the living quarters were in a bowling alley down town. The youngest in attendance graduated in 2006.

We reminisced with old friends about our experiences of life at the Dormitory (as we used to call it), now it called “Residential Hall”. There were eighty plus former students along with their families turnout, one participant travelling all the way from Portland, Oregon. Many travelled across the Navajo Reservation the night before the event.

The program started with Jaycelyn Tallsalt, Miss Primary Princess singing the National Anthem in Navajo, followed by a round of introductions. The audience cheered as the dance contest between the Richfield Wildcats and South Sevier Rams alumni ensued. The top prize went to Paul Begay in the dance contest. Albert Nelson, Jr., Todi Neesh Zhee Singers, Native American Music Award Winner and honorable mention at the Grammy’s, sang a Veteran song as the attendees honored the Veterans. A moment of silence was observed for those students & staff who have passed onto the spirit world.  

Mona Lee Peterson, Retired Dormitory Attendant, surprised everyone by calling to say “Hello”. Mona Lee was one of our Special Guest, who was unable to attend due to illness and inclement weather. The audience sang “Happy Birthday” to Mona Lee and wished her a speedy recovery.

Right before lunch, Albert Nelson, Jr. sang “Happy Birthday” to all attendees whose birthday is in April.  He also provided entertainment via karaoke at the conclusion of the reunion…Many people spoke, lots of hugs, smiles and laughter.”

It is always so great to have the opportunity to get our family together, and this reunion was so successful. We would like to add our appreciation along with Darlene to the people who made the reunion a reality. Special thanks to the planning team for their outstanding contributions in planning the event. The people who were on the program, who unselfishly donated their time, thank you, thank you…

Jane Horseson
Nelda Dugi-Huskie
Laure Begay Smith
Lavena Tsingine
Lita Tallsalt
Marlene Bales
Minnie Whitehair
Sharon Nimrod
Gloria Nimrod Navaho
Helene Gilbert
Ray L Dugi
Darlene Yellowhair
James Bilagody
Albert Nelson, Jr.
Jaycelyn Tallsalt
Bill Cly
Kevin Skenandore


  1. Minniej_17 on April 30, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    The reunion sounded really great, view the picture saw some old classmates. I graduated in 1980 from Southsevier High School sure wish I was there. Any how it’s wonderful to hear young adolescents are still going there to get an education. Keeping it going, thanks Minnie Hosteenez Jones.

  2. Denny Tsosie on September 7, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    I recommend we all do another reunion at Richfield Dorm in July, 2016. If there is interest it can be announced for all and do a Gathering of RRH Alumni at Richfield, Utah

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