Boys Camp Out

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Wesley Welsh testing the food.


A little waterfall on the edge of camp, made a relaxing sound to lull us to sleep after a long day.


Scott Thomas, Jermal Willie and Johnny Redshirt making sure Grandma-Angie Herrera gets her share for lunch.


A little bit of rain did not dampen their spirits or appetites. Cameron Kee, Tristann Neztsosie, Troy Mud and David Agureo


Julius James, Sheridan Benally and Kolby Bennett deciding where the next adventure will take them.

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Chicken salad on a pita with green salad as a topper-it proved to be a hit.

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For those who don’t like mutton stew there was chicken and dumplings,

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Everyone’s favorite-cobbler, this year’s was apple.

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Dumpling stew with mutton-it proved to be a hit.

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Roderick Skacy waiting his turn.

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Antreo Denny, David Agurerro and Garritt Hosteen at the ready.

Saturday mornings breakfast-breakfast burritos filled with either Spam and Potato or Hash Browns, Sausage, Eggs, Salsa and cheese.


More views from camp.


We couldn’t go back to the dorm on Sunday until everything was cleaned up including the food.


The creek next to camp.

Nature’s decoration of our campgrounds.


“The Eye,” one stop on everyone’s to-do list.


Rainy Morning at Maple Grove


Johnny Redshirt returning form a stroll.

Fry bread, not too bad for an Anglo.


Story telling by the fire, the smores weren’t bad either.

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Jacob Neztsosie warming up by the fire.

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Flour tortillas heating up on a griddle made by a former student.

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Sherridan and Troy trying to make the perfect smore without burning the marshmallow.

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May 13-15

The boys have been looking forward to camp out all year.  They were excited to get out of the dorm, explore and eat different foods.  The weather was great most of the weekend with a little rain on the last day.Camp out gave the boys the boost of energy and enthusiasm to finish up the school year. Photos and text by Jaime Romero.


  1. Marlene Stewart on May 19, 2016 at 10:17 am

    I’m going to miss all of the excitement that goes on @ the dorm and all the great kids @ RRH!

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