Freemont Hike 2013

   On Saturday, Sept. 14th, we had 15  students that signed up for hiking up in the hills and a cook-out in Clear Creek Canyon. We left the dorm at 11:00 am and as soon as we got there we got  the fire going.   We thought it might rain on us so we hurried with our cooking and prepared the tin foil.. The students really enjoyed their day out. We also made  bread on the grill and it went well with hamburger and potatoes. Afterwards,we went to  visitor center took a little tour inside, and then it was to the hills.  We had some students  run on the  trail  and others took their time and to see the writing and drawings of people and animals that once existed. We missed out on all the rain  and so we had an awesome  day!  It was just beauty we saw that day. Angie Herrera and Ryne Richards were the  sponsors for this activity.

-Grandma Herrera

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