How to tell if RRH is right for you.

How to tell if Richfield Residential Hall is right for you…

If you are serious about your education and your future, we encourage you to strongly consider Richfield Residential Hall. Because we offer opportunities that are not available anywhere else, admission to our program is highly competitive.

RRH is the place for you if these benefits interest you:

  • The opportunity to take college classes and earn college credit for free while still in high school!
  • Unlimited access to highly skilled tutors in every subject!
  • Access to scholarships and college placement assistance!
  • A strong cultural program that includes Navajo Language, Navajo Government, weaving, beading, leathercraft, silversmithing, etc.

Students who are the most successful in our program get involved in extra-curricular activities and programs offered at the high schools, college or the dormitory.  If you love to get involved and are driven to succeed in all that you do, RRH will give you a head start on a future of your choosing!

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