Lip Sync Fun!

Staff Racheal Miles set up the karaoke machine and students one by one went up and sang to their favorite songs. Students had fun entertaining their peers and their peers in turn had fun watching and encouraging their friends.  Students like Maurenna Billie and Cheyenne Billie had fun singing with each other to an English-Spanish song.    Cheyenne Billie also danced during the song interlude to make things more exciting.  Other performers included, Shanita Sullivan, Leesha King.  Ariana Mego did a cup solo to a song and Terrilyn Jensen lip-synced to a country song!  Shawn Begay completed the evening with performing an original rap song!



  1. Tristinablake on February 7, 2013 at 11:22 am

    that is so cool and awesome.

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