Meet Your 2012-2013 A-Team Student Council Candidates

Richfield Residential Hall Campaign week began Friday, September 7th.  A total of 17 candidates are campaigning for spots in the student council.  Students will be busy making their posters and securing votes up until next Friday, September 14th, where students will deliver their speeches to the students and be voted in by secret ballot that night.  Good Luck!

Meet the Candidates:

Dharshina Arizona-Sophomore

“Hi! I’m Dharshina Arizona.  I go to Richfield High School and I am a sophomore.  My hobbies include playing volleyball and basketball.  I also love riding horses and running, but I will mainly do anything  fun! My parents names are Billy and Pearlene Arizona.  I am running for the A-Team because I want to make your experience at Richfield Residential Hall fun and exciting!”


Nizhoni Brown-Senior

“My name is Nizhoni Brown, I go by Noni and I attend Richfield High School. I am the daughter of Bruce and Stephanie Brown. I was born in Provo, Utah.  I recently moved to New Mexico. Some of my hobbies are long boarding, photography, and just listening to good music. I want to part of the A-team because it was a great experience for me the previous year. I think I would be a good senior representative because I enjoy helping other people and making sure everyone is involved in activities.”

Lorenda Burns-Sophomore

“I am Lorenda Justina Burns; I was originally born in Arkansas but as I grew up my family moved a lot. I go to Richfield High School.  When I graduate in 2015, I’m going to BYU. GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!! My mother is Rita Hudson and my father is Lorenzo Burns. My clans are Underfoot, Redhouse, Ute, and Bitterwater.  I’m a person who will be a shy gal who doesn’t like to talk but once you know me I’m really fun and funny. I love the outdoors, any sports except golf, music is my life, and I try my best to be nice. Some of my hobbies are to make songs, poems, and other inspirational writings to tell my side of life.  My favorite quote is from J.B. Mauney (The Best Bull Rider Ever) “I feel like when I show up…..There’s not a bull here who can throw me off.” I would like the student body for 10th grade to vote for me because I’m a mature, fun, silly, and outspoken child.”


Rendan Chief-Freshman

“My name is Rendan Chief.  My parents names are Ricky and Sheila Chief.  I am a Freshman at South Sevier High School.  My hobbies are playing soccer, listening to music, and hanging out with friends and family.  I want to be the Freshman A-team representative because I am a good leader, know all the boys and some of the girls, and I think that I will be a good participant in all activities.  I will make the year a good year at Richfield Residential Hall!”

 Andreeson Crank-Sophomore

“Ya’at’eeh Shi’ ei’ Andreeson Crank yinish’e’.To’nahees dizi’ di nasha. I go to South Sevier High School where I am in the 10th grade.  Shima ei’ Pauline Dodson.  My favorite hobbies are hacky sack, basketball, football, soccer, and baseball.  I want to join the A-Team because I just want to try it out!”

Shania George-Sophomore

“My name is Shania George. I am a sophomore and I go to Richfield high school. My parents are Stacie Tracey and Spencer Tracey is my grandpa. I have always grown up in a dorm setting. When I came to Utah, I found out there’s more to experience. I’m still learning things about being on my own.  Also about learning what I should and shouldn’t do.  My mom and gramps were always there and I want to say thank you.  I want to say more, but this biography is too short to say what I want to say. My hobbies are playing pool, basketball, football, drawing, helping out, writing quotes, and listening to music! Why do I want to join the A-TEAM? I want to learn more about leadership, planning future for projects, inspiring people and most of all to be part of the TEAM!!!”


Malvina James- Sophomore

“Hi! My name is Malvina James.  I live in Kayenta, Arizona.  My parents are Alvin and Stella James.  I am a sophomore at Richfield High School.  My hobbies include long boarding, hiking, playing volleyball, and listening to music.  I am running for the A-team because I am a good leader.  I would like to make the dorm the most memorable time of the students’ lives.”

Dominique Johnson-Junior

“Hi!!!!My name is Dominique Johnson. My mother’s name is Margaret Johnson and my father’s name is Frank Johnson. I am a junior and I go to school in Richfield High School. I like to play basketball, softball, track, and volleyball. The reason why I want to join the A- Team is that I don’t want anyone to be left out and I want their voice to be heard.”


Ashley Kaye-Junior

“Hi! My Name is Ashley Kaye.  I am the daughter of Jennifer Tullie and Vernie Kaye.  I am a Junior at South Sevier High School.  I like to be outdoors, hang out with my friends, and meet new people.  My hobbies are playing volleyball, sewing, and making people smile.  I am running for the A-Team student council because I am a good leader.  I have been involved in other clubs in school and have been in charge of several activities.  I am a good listener and I will try to take in everybody’s ideas of how I can make this place better.  (:”

 Valyncia Long-Junior

“Hello my name is Valyncia T. Long and I am a junior going to school at South Sevier High.   I am from Kaibeto, Arizona and my parents are Vernon Long and Emma Lefthand.  My hobbies are playing volleyball with friends, being an amateur photographer, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and making new ones. The reason why I am running for A-Team is because I have been going to school here for three years and I am pretty sure I know what is good for everybody living here.  I also want to work on my leadership skills and it seems fun to get to know people that are from different places.  I want to make this a fun junior year for myself and you guys and girls here.  Vote for me because I’m AWESOME and YOU’RE AWESOME and we can be AWESOME TOGETHER!!”


 Ariana Mego-Senior

“Hello!  My name is Ariana Mego.  My parents are Laverne Mego and Earl Benally.  I am a senior at Richfield High School and am from Flagstaff, Arizona.  Some of my hobbies include swimming, playing with my cats, spending time with family, and having fun.  I am running for the A-Team senior representative spot because I believe that on behalf of my fellow seniors here at Richfield Residential Hall, we deserve to have a great last year here.  I plan on making this year fun for the freshman and new students because they are away from home and their families.  I plan on making them feel comfortable here at Richfield Residential Hall.  I’m also running because I’m up for new things.  I am respectful, responsible and honorable and I believe I can make a great and fun year here for all of us!”

 Harley Poorman-Senior

“My name is Harley Poorman and I am the daughter of Ruth Poorman.  I am a senior at Richfield High School.  I love playing the guitar and hanging out with my friends.  I hate English and Math, but love sitting in class and doing nothing.  My favorite color is rainbow.  I think I should be elected because I think being on the A-Team would be interesting.  I have many great ideas and I am open to even more.  Please vote for me!”

 Serida Slim-Senior

“My name is Serida Slim.  I am the daughter of Selina K. Slim and am from Tonalea, Arizona.  I am a senior this year.  I participate in South Sevier High School athletics and run in track and cross country.  I am also a member of FCCLA where I am the treasurer and work on South Sevier’s High School’s yearbook staff.I was an A-Team members last year and am running for the senior representative spot this year.  I am running because I believe I am a great leader, I like to get involved, and I believe that students here at Richfield Residential Hall deserve a great experience!”

 Marwood Sloan-Junior

“Hello, my name is Marwood Sloan, but most people call me Marty because it is easy to remember. I am the son of Amos Sloan and Margert Begay. I am from Sweetwater, Arizona and I am a Junior at Richfield High School. I like to weld, hike, run, draw, paint, and have fun.  I also like talking to people and like to fix things too.  I am running for the A- Team because I have some really good ideas for this year. I want to give the students a great year here at Richfield Residential Hall.   I want the new and returning students to remember good memories and keep them returning!”

 Shantel Smith-Junior

 “Hey everyone!  My name is Shantel Smith.  My parents are Marilyn Manygoats and Bejamin Smith Sr. I am currently a junior at Richfield High School.  My hobbies are listening to music, playing sports, and hanging out with my friends.  I am the Historian for the Governing Youth Council, a member of the National Honor Society, and the student representative of the Indian Education Committee.  I am joining the A-team because I want to try something new and also I want to make this year a great experience for all the students!”

 Calsie Sockyma-Freshman

“My name is Calsie Sockyma, my tribe is Hopi and I am Sun Clan.  I am 14 years old and go to Richfield High School.  My family and I are from Moenkopie, Arizona.  I have one younger brother who is in the 8th grade.  My mom takes care of me and provides the necessities to help me graduate.  She is a second grade teacher.  This year I am trying out for the A-Team to become an example and I also want to be a leader.  I want to make this year an extraordinary year!”


Matthew Thompson-Senior

“Ya’at’eeh! My name is Matthew Mychal Thompson. I go to Richfield High. My clans are Water’s Edge, Big Water, Anglo, and Black Sheep.  My mother’s name is Cynthia Thompson and father’s name is Michael Thompson.  I am from Del Muerto, Arizona.  My favorite hobbies are learning how to play new instruments and playing the piano.  I want to run for the A-team because one of my best skills is leadership. I have been here at RRH for all four years of high school, so I know what’s best for my fellow dorm students.”

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