Mr. Anderton’s Workshop

Richfield Residential Hall is a key part of the community in which we live. Each class completes two service projects each year that are meaningful to them. On February 8th, the Sophomore Class participated in a fun and unique project. The RRH Class of 2016 walked from our campus to the wood working shop of 87year young Mr. Anderton, who lives near our campus in Richfield. Mr. Anderton has a very nice shop, where he builds thousands of toys each year, which he donates to humanitarian organizations to be distributed to needy children throughout the world. Our students spent the day with this master craftsman and learned to make several different toys. The students enjoyed the project because they were able to learn a valuable skill while helping children in need. Thanks, Mr. Anderton! We enjoyed our time with you and we hope to be able to work with you again soon!

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