President Watchman

Richfield Residential Hall student, Merle Watchman was elected as the Senior Class President at South Sevier High School for the 2009/2010 school year. In his campaign, he emphasized that he wanted to raise the bar and change stereotypes for the other Native American students. He wants his peers to know that being involved in the school and the community is important, and that it is also a lot of fun! Service is a tradition in the Watchman family. Merle’s father served our country as a tank commander in Vietnam, and recently retired as a District Court Judge. Merle is the son of Manual & Marilyn Watchman of Tuba City, Az. We are all confident that Merle will do a great job as Senior Class President next year, and that he is destined for great things in his life to follow. Congratulations Merle from the staff & students at RRH!

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