Senior Class Community Service Project

The senior class went to Deseret Industries to help clear the floors so they could be refinished on Saturday. Fifteen out of 16 seniors and two staff, Ouida Taylor & Randy Riddle, helped with the community service project. When they got there, they split up into three groups. The first group cleared shelves on the main floor, the second group sorted clothes and hung them up, and the third group cleaned the store yard. All the merchandise that was cleared off the shelves were placed in storage bins and moved outside. The items included: knick-knacks, picture frames, dishes, cookware, books, and many other items. Some of the girls sorted through baby, children’s, and women’s clothes. The yard crew picked up trash, pulled weeds, rearranged the yard by moving furniture and sweeping the parking lots. The students were a little bit reluctant at first, but once they started to work they enjoyed it. They did a good job and I was proud of them! Deseret Industries would like them to come back in February, or March, to help with the clothes drive…..they were very appreciative. By Ouida Taylor, Senior Class Sponsor
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