Sophomore Community Service

On 10-11-08, Georgiana Craig, and I, Rose Janec, took our Sophomores along highway markers 20 – 22 (2 miles) to pick up trash for our community service project. This is located between Richfield, and Sigurd.
At first I did not think there would be too much to pick up, but as our group started picking up trash, our trash bag count grew. We had two groups, one on each side of the road. Both groups were in two or four students per group.
UDOT provided the large trash bags, and orange vest for our students safety. Pete Weimer provided our group with gloves, which helped with all of the items that needed to be picked up.
I am always proud of our students, but I was more so that day for the way the students got right in and started working together, and being careful and watchful as we asked them to be.
I was so proud of them that I took them to Ideal Dairy for a treat they truly deserved! I would also like to add that the sophomores were the first group to start their community project, and we could see what a great difference they did make with their hard work.
Our group is a fun group, and I am looking forward to the many more projects we will be doing together, and to our next community project that we are still deciding on at this time.
“Thank You” parents for the great students we have!
S.F.G. Leaders: Rose Janec, Georgiana Crain, Ruby Yepa

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