Thursday Night: Christmas BINGO and High Five Drawing!

Our Annual Christmas BINGO was hosted by Marlene Stewart and was a huge success!  All of our dorm students attended and were excited about all of the great prizes to win.  The winners were: Shania George, Molly Byjoe, Shawn Begay, Cheyenne Billie, Kyralynda Yazzie, Shantel Smith, Danielle Sam, Deandra Yazzie, Chelsey  Begay, Aubrey Manson, Calsie Sockyma, Valerina Chee, Deion Avery, Ethan Harvey, Malvina James, Summer Sonnie, Channon Yazzie, Hongva Lucero, Nizhoni Brown, Chantz Harvey, Maurenna Billie, Harley Poorman, and Tyler Neztsosie

After Christmas BINGO the High Five drawing was held.  Students had been waiting since the first of the school year in anticipation for the prize drawing.  In order to be in the drawing, students had to put their raffle tickets in for the prizes.  Raffle tickets were issued by staff members when students were caught doing good: Respectful, Responsible, and Honorable Behavior.  Students had the option of either getting a treat or placing their tickets into the drawing.  Prizes included two Barnes and Noble Nook Color Readers, two Walmart gift-cards, two Pizza Hut gift cards, two movie theater card passes, a sonic fiber toothbrush, and a duffel bag. The winners of the Nooks were Blane Atene and Danielle Sam. The Wal-Mart gift cards were won by Danielle Sam and Hongva Lucero.  The Pizza Hut cards were won by Nizhoni Brown and  Sage Roan-Fisher and the move theater cards were won by Sierra Sherlock and Harley Poorman.  Winners of the toothbrush and duffel bag were Sierra Sherlock and Tyler Neztosise respectively.

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