Touching Hearts: Valentine’s Day Cookies with Richfield Care Center!

Sophomores had the unique opportunity to hold their second community service project the Richfield Care Center.  This was made possible because the staff at the care center was so impressed with our students from our first community service project held there.  The residents wanted our students to return and do another service project with them.  This being said, Georgiana Craig and Marlene Stewart again returned with seven of the sophomores: Kurif Yazzie, Shania George, Kiyla Butler, Sage Roan-Fisher, Joshuawn Begay, and Kylen Cozad.   Residents were: Cyri Palmer, Tivilla Peterson, Amanda Mancina, Josephine Williams, and Joyce Knapus. The students were actively involved in decorating Valentine’s cookies.  The ingenuity of our students, along with that of the residents’ creativity, was awesome.  The designs that were created that day were phenomenal.  The smiles, the laughter, and the conversations made this activity even better than the beautiful cookies made.  Thanks again for the heart warming opportunity.

–Sincerely sophomores and sophomore reps!

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